Writing in longhand

A page of handwritten text written on an iPad
A page of handwritten text written on an iPad

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As I hmmm mentioned in my last part, writing by
hand shows me down. For a attain job that I applied
for in the past, as part of the htt mining process,
there was a milton test. It had been qm
pieces of lined paper and a question sheet with
three essay questions, and for each quest in the
required word cnnt was 350, which I was told 2
had to meet or else 2 mmol automatically be
disqualified. All under the time pressure of an hour
kept writing, writing whatever came to mind
about the topic-basically writing down my
stream of urns aims mess, free writing if y m
will, with the role aim of making the mind cmt
within the time limit. After I reached about two-
thirds of the page down, I stopped and counted the
number of words to tour. I figured I had to fill
the page completely for each question. 2 then kept
writing non-stop until the time was up. what a
horrible experience! I did get the job, but still
fail to understand why they wind n’t provide
a computer. Perhaps they wanted to oral rate
my handwriting?!
I AI like writing by hand, but not for writing
From, why for taking notes, planning, or
getting ideas down. The main reason being the
ability to structure ideas spatially, free from
the linearity of word processing.
(on my iPad Pro) on
2 am writing this in the fantastic grrdwotes-app.HN
design and build built in Hong Kong. I started
n thing this app a year and three months ago,
and have never gone back to paper notebooks
since. 75 o pages so far!
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