This blog is a brain and bookmark dump for thoughts and ideas about writing, text, text processing, composition, and anything that is about the materiality and non-materiality of text. The text won’t be polished, and it might not make sense at times. It’s a glorified public composition book at best.

I write and do enjoy writing, but am certainly not prolific. Sometimes I manage to write something, most of the time I struggle. It would be nice to get published, but I often suffer from writer’s block – which, some might say is just an avoidance of writing, that’s all. So this blog is supposed to be therapeutic – the process of writing, editing and publishing are one and the same.

Typing pleases me, and so is putting pen to paper. And recently I find writing on my iPad with Goodnotes utterly enjoyable. This blog will cover a lot of territories, some of which I don’t know what they are yet. Digital stuff like markup languages, word/text processing, desktop publishing, database, hypertext, apps, platforms, devices, etc. Physical stuff like pads of paper, notebooks, writing tools, calligraphy, etc. Obsolete tech like typewriters, typesetting machines, character generators and the like. The process of writing, editing, publishing, etc. And yeah, typography, if I get round to it.

There you have it, the first post. Planning to post daily, see if that works. Bye for now.

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