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  1. I’ve thought about the security of paper vs digital. I think the average person knows how to make a thing reasonably secure physically, but few of us comprehend how encryption software might be back-doored by the state security apparatus. I’ll take my chances with paper.

    Very thought-provoking, thank you.

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, writing ‘off the grid’ does have its advantages when it comes to security. The proliferation of the typewriter culture has partly to do with this, I’ve read somewhere? Typecasting on the web instead of writing directly in digital text probably isn’t any more secure, as OCR is now common place and sophisticated. But I guess it does add another barrier before it can be read by machine. While metadata make things more easily searchable, they also make things more easily attributable, and therefore discovered. I might want to write something about that in a future post. Keeping a private diary on the Alphasmart Neo also has its advantages, as it doesn’t connect to the internet!

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