2 Replies to “On keeping a journal (or something to that effect)”

  1. Some great thoughts expressed here, unedited and raw! I admire some typewriter bloggers (like Vinnie McFeats) who seem to effortlessly write, corrections be damned.

    Myself, I’m still in recovery from being an inveterate editor of my work. It’s like a disease. I’ve heard many artists and filmmakers have this same issue, they only quit tinkering when the work disgusts them and they’re tired of it.

    And there’s the risk of over-editing. First thought, best thought.

    I enjoyed this.

    1. Thanks Joe. The editing process can be never-ending and very draining. I’ve written a lot of things that I’m not publishing here. Making these drafts public can make one feel very vulnerable. I’ll see how it goes, I might do more of this here.

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