Apparently typecasting is a thing – typing on a typewriter then posting a scanned image of the result in a blog. Joe van Cleave’s blog is an example. Joe suggests that in the age of word processing, there is still a place for typewriters as a writing tool for first drafts, using paper as a …

A bilingual typewriter with a plotter mechanism

I’m writing this post on a secondhand 科達牌中英文電子四色繪圖打字機 Fortec ET-888 Chinese–English electronic four-colour plotting typewriter I just bought. This was designed in Hong Kong in the 1980s and manufactured in Mainland China. It was never a popular machine, launched right at a point when Chinese computing was at its infancy.

Student exercise: text generation tech

These photos are from around 2004 when I was teaching at Emily Carr in Vancouver, Canada. Students chose from a selection of quotes on typography and asked to typographically articulate them using different technologies: handwriting, typewriting, stencils, dry transfer lettering, computer. They first used them separately and later combined them. They were asked to examine …

Olympia daisywheel typewriter

The Olympia typewriter I had when I was 10 or 11 Typewriter – Olympia AG, Carrera, Daisy Wheel, Portable Computer System, circa 1989Photographer: David ThompsonSource: Museums VictoriaCopyright Museums Victoria / CC BY (Licensed as Attribution 4.0 International)


I love typewriters. In fact anything with a keyboard on it, for as long as I remember. I asked for an electric daisy wheel typewriter (fancy!) for my 10th or 11th birthday. My mum taught me how to type on it (of course with two spaces after full stops). I think this was the one